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Where does one begin to explore the recreational points of interest the State of California has to offer? In my frequent California travels, I have never ceased to wonder at the magnificent Ocean and Bay scenes, the afternoon fog flowing through the Golden Gate, the rocky coast and long sandy beaches, the massive and lovely Sierra Nevada Mountains, green fruitful valleys, and the impressive coastal hills adorned with shady Redwood Groves.

Thriving cities, towns and villages flourish everywhere, offering in their downtowns and on their outskirts thousands of posh industrial buildings and huge office parks with myriads of entrepreneurs and technical experts providing innovative ideas and state of the art technologies which benefit the world. The California College and University system provides many of the best teachers and instructors in academia.

This multi cultural community of more than 30,000,000 productive men and women lives and prospers and enjoys a high style of recreation on a strip of Pacific coastal land 770 miles long by 250 miles wide.  





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Americas Cup Fleet Prior to Races in San Francisco!

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Cable Car Turn Table


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